WestCord Hotels is a Dutch family business with its origins on Vlieland. It all started in 1968 when baker Emo Westers bought Hotel de Wadden on Vlieland for his 18-year old-son Harry. In the past 55 years, 15 hotels have been added throughout the Netherlands.

On the mainland, we have:

  • 4 hotels in Amsterdam
  • 2 hotels in Rotterdam
  • 2 hotels in Delft
  • 1 hotel in Groningen
  • 1 hotel in Leeuwarden
  • 1 franchise hotel in Garderen

In addition, we have a total of 5 hotels and 1 beach pavilion on the Wadden Islands:

  • 1 hotel on Ameland
  • 2 hotels on Terschelling
  • 2 hotels and 1 beach pavilion on Vlieland

We provide accommodation for our employees on the Wadden Islands.

In 2018, WestCord Hotels celebrated the 50th anniversary with the opening of the special Hotel Jakarta on Java Island in Amsterdam. An energy-neutral hotel with a subtropical indoor garden. On May 1st, 2021, The Market Hotel in Groningen opened its doors. Again, a unique hotel in a unique location: in the heart of the city center on the Grote Markt. It is worth mentioning that the second 'Bakkerij Westers' is located in this hotel. In April 2022, the newest hotel was opened: Hotel Arsenaal in Delft. This boutique hotel with 63 rooms is located in a historic arsenal going back to 1601.




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