We love what we do TravelBird is a rapidly expanding business in the field of holiday deals. Each day, TravelBird features the most competitively priced holidays online and caters to 20 European markets. The deals vary from sun holidays to theater tickets to wellness & spa treatments. This concept has proven to be popular and lucrative allowing a growth from 2 to over 350 employees in the past four years. We take care of the essentials A new job comes with new (international) colleagues, responsibilities, challenges and experiences and, at TravelBird, with a brand new MacBook Pro! TravelBird doesn’t only employ 350 Apple fans; everyone in the team, consisting of enthusiastic and diligent young people, also likes to play hard. you will find time to kickback together during the daily provided lunch or when it's time for a couple of social drinks! Let Amsterdam inspire you (too!) The age-old Dutch merchant spirit is still deeply rooted in the culture and lifestyle of Amsterdam; a continuous trigger to the inspirational and innovative work climate in one of Europe’s most charismatic cities. No surprise that Amsterdam is home to an abundance of new Internet and tech ventures! We would like to welcome you to our Amsterdam office, located right in the city center amidst all the action! Your TravelBird adventure If you like what you hear and and believe you are the right person for TravelBird, then we would love to hear from you! As we are constantly growing and evolving as a company, TravelBird offers exceptional opportunities in different positions and countries. You can keep yourself in the loop by joining our LinkedIn group! And no, we are not working with recruitment agencies.

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Travelbird Recruitment Department See job offers for contact person 0031-(0)20-3080403 s.rademaker@travelbird.nl

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