TeamTalent is a Belgian company specialized in recruiting professionals for bottleneck vacancies, i.e.e jobs where employers have problems to find and hire staff to fill vacancies. The labour market supply and demand are in imbalance. Belgian companies are force to recruit abroad.

TeamTalent has been active in labour migration for many years. We seek talent were talent can be found. We mainly recruit from Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Hungary and Romania, but Algeria is also a possibility.

Our job does not end with the recruitment part. Also language course in our own training facilities, relocation administration, searching for housing are aspects of pre-job commencement and are available.


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On 2/10/20 we are available for skype conversations  from 12.00 till 14.00 hours

TeamTalent Sphere
Business Park Z.3 Doornveld 140-149
Gebouw - bâtiment 8
1731 Zellik

Tel +34 659 24 74 51 Mrs. Julia Spruyt

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