The Schengen Recruiters , Since 1989 supply all kind of skilled and non skilled , professionals and experienced and trained staff in all trades.


The Schengen Recruiters We required following staff for below countries.

Agencies Contact us to provide workers from worldwide. No Nationality restrctions.

Norway   Quantity  70 workers ,   Fish farming and fish meat processing factories .

Lithuania  Quantity  1100 Workers ,  Construction Workers. 

Hungary : Quantity   900 Workers ,  Construction Workers.

Romania : Quantity   900 Workers ,  Meat processing Plants, Cars parts manufacturing plants, hotels and Resturents staff , Construction workers.

Croatia :    Quantity 200  Constructoin Workers,

Slovkai :   Quantity   2000 Workers , many kind of factories and farm workers and construction workers.

Ireland:  150  Seasonal Workers.

Italy: 150 Season Workers.

Uk:  100 Seasonal Workers.

Estonia: 70 Workers as riders.

Malta: 50 Workers.

and much more for many other countries.

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