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Onyx is the company making contractor management solutions work locally and globally.

We help customers around the world to successfully implement contractor management initiatives that induct, qualify and evaluate the right contractor organizations and -people, in the right place, at the right time. Our international background and global presence mean we understand how to deliver contractor management solutions that work the way our customers work, as individuals and as teams.

Great technology is important. People make the difference.

Today we work with a dedicated team of more than 20 people. More than 65.000 collaborators of various contractor companies spread across 44 countries are daily inducted, qualified and managed through an Onyx solution. The Onyx contractor management solutions are comprehensive, intuitive, secure and fully internationalised.

Our passion is developing intuitive technology that people love to use.  Our integrated contractor management solutions – including company qualification, personal qualification, jobs & entries, learning management, digital work permit and contractor evaluation – create great outcomes.

We have experienced teams, available whenever you need them, who speak our customer's language and understand their culture and business practices. They are ready to help them with expert implementations, great training, best practice advice and professional support.

There’s only one way to build contractor management. The customer's way. 

Onyx has created a complete contractor management solution with intuitive, robust products that our customers love to use.  Available in different languages, our solutions are modular and well-integrated, allowing the customers to build contractor processes that work the way they want them to work.  

We serve world leading industrial organizations and contractor companies. Over the past 10 years our customers have shared their best practices and all this experience and knowledge is available to you in Onyx One, our contractor management system.

Our Business and Approach

With Onyx One, Onyx delivers a unique contractor management system for customers seeking competitive advantage in the onboarding, training, assignment of jobs and evaluation of contractors at their plants.

We help our customers gain this competitive advantage by

  • Leveraging a collaborative online platform to increase their effectiveness
  • Providing scalable solutions that can be deployed module by module across the business
  • Reducing cost and administration time by automating basic admin tasks, thereby increasing time to focus on value added activities
  • Enabling compliance with increasingly complex regulations and legislation

Our complete Onyx One system includes

  • Company Qualification
  • Personal Qualification
  • Jobs & Entries
  • Learning Management System
  • Digital Work Permit
  • Contractor Evaluation

Developed with more than 10 years of experience, our solutions are 100% web based. Our customers know we are there for them during the entire project, always providing helpful advice and assistance when they need it. Through our diverse range of services outside the normal software development and distribution, we enhance the customer experience by offering consulting, customisation, project management, training, hosting services and contractor support like onboarding and follow up of provided data and certificates.

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