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With over 20 years of experience in tourism we have developed our know how which evolved to LOVE CARPE DIEM company.

Today we provide professional, proactive and multilingual teams of entertainers and create and develop the most innovative programs for all sorts of destinations.

Our continuous 12 month selection and education guarantees the biggest base of professional entertainers. Every Year we are developing our programs and products for all interest, age and language structures of guests. We do not offer only entertainment program, but a package of services for hotels & resorts development. We distinguish from competition by positive influence on sales and marketing, growth of rating on social networks and increased consuming.

Together with our partners we are constantly creating new approaches which results with great guests satisfaction.

Find out more about our sister company Carpe Diem Asia which works in Thailand and Vietnam.

Professional entertainer is the base of professional and modern entertainment program. This is our success factor, and that is why we are organising RECRUITMENT continuously 12 months a year in over 10 countries of EU.

We are entertainment company with NO LIMITS - we are also employing World Wide (Europe: Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Greece, … SE Asia: Thailand, Vietnam ,…) and we are in constant search for young, charismatic people who want to build their career with us.

Employment politics, systematic education and opportunities that we offer (off season work in exotic destinations or in our playroom) marked us as the most wanted employer in tourism in Croatia.

Hot jobs

Tourist animators/Entertainers

Animation in tourism occupies an important place in the overall tourist offer, and contributes to a better experience of modern guest. “The content of experience” creates and dictates recognition of destination, and offer content contributes to satisfy needs and motives of travelling guests.

Our approach to animation is based on personal approach to the tourist offer, the hotel category and guest structure. We create, develop and implement programs that will become a new experience, game and leaving the everyday for the guest.


Touristic entertainer is the person with mental and physical abilities and experience in many areas and should have special theoretical and practical knowledge. Entertainer is meeting demands of the modern guest with one hand, but also the management team on the other.

For this reason LOVE CARPE DIEM every year organizes training for their new entertainers.

We also organize additional trainings and targeted trainings for personnel with experience, which is based on the processing and implementation of animation programs in a particular destination. Programs continually strive to improve and enrich in accordance with changing expectations of guests. Our growth is accompanied by continuous changes and developments in science and technology.

Organisation details
Contact details:


Božidara Magovca 71,10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 (0)1 5513 300

            +385 91 161 6616



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