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Life Tourism & Consulting is an agency made up of professionals in the tourist entertainment sector, specialized in entertainment and international tourist assistance for 20 years now. Life mainly supplies groups of entertainers and tourist assistants for Italian and European tour operators in tourist villages in Greece, Egypt, Cape Verde, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Tunisia, Spain, Zanzibar, Seychelles and the Maldives. The professionalism of Animazione Life is based on our skills in the field of entertainment in tourism and on in-depth and constantly updated knowledge of the specific and always dynamic context of all the markets in which we operate, both in Europe and worldwide. With discretion and with the utmost competence, our first concern is the satisfaction of all the needs of each of our customers, without linguistic and cultural barriers, thanks to our complete knowledge of the main European languages ​​and thanks to our geographical positioning in the center of Europe .

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09 March 2023
Opportunities within Tourism, Entertainment, Hospitality and Catering
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