Konekta Services BV wants to connect people and organizations. Our core qualities are love for the profession, professionalism, involvement and continuity.


Konekta Services BV is specialized in the transmission of high-skilled workers in the  t echnology, manufacturing, logistics, construction, industry, shipbuilding, agriculture, horticulture and petrochemicals. Our employees are all professionals who know how to get things done and who practice their profession with love.


We speak the language of our clients. Thanks to years of experience and personal cooperation, we can respond well to the needs of our customers. Speed ​​and flexibility are perfect for Konekta Services BV.


A 9 to 5 mentality does not appear in our booklet! Konekta Services BV is available for its clients at any time of the day. We understand the requirements and expectations and have completely set up our organization accordingly. This enables us to fulfill an optimal bridging function between client and temporary worker.

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Konekta Services BV

Ambachtsweg 1
3161 GL Rhoon
The Netherlands

Location Northern Netherlands
Tweebaksmarkt 23-5
8911 KW Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

T: 088 – 0150600

E-mail:  info@konektaservices.nl
Website:  www.konektaservices.nl

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