4* Family hotel owned and run by family Gerber in 3rd generation.

We board international guests (D, NL, B, F, I, GB, IRL, LUX...) and have international workers (A, D, HU, CZ, RO, PT, HRV, ...).

We are looking for motivated workers with education or work experience.
You should speek und understand German to communicate with guests and colleagues.

We offer living, eating, parking, swimming, gym, washing ... all facilities and infrastructure directly at the hotel.

Lermoos is a small village at the border to Germany. SItuated in the Tyrolean alps.
A lot of things to do and to discover - sports, sightseeing, nature, ...

Company details
Contact details:

Hotel Edelweiss
Danielstrasse 7
6631 Lermoos
Austria * TIrol
+43 5673 2214

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09 - 10 November 2022
Tourism and hospitality
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