Esbjerg Municipality and the Esbjerg Business Development Centre run this website jointly. Energy Metropolis describes the entire geographical area of Esbjerg Municipality, centred in Esbjerg Harbour, from where the great majority of energy-related companies have spread. ENERGY EVERYWHERE Calling Esbjerg Municipality an Energy Metropolis is only natural when the area leads the way in energy technology and so many people are employed in the energy sector. In actual fact, 13,500 people work within oil, gas and wind at present. However, energy is not only a matter of developing energy sources. There is also plenty of energy in a windy walk along the North Sea coast at Hjerting; plenty of energy in the children who happily play in Marbæk Plantation or on the long sandy beaches in the area; and plenty of energy in the numerous concerts at the Academy of Music or one of the many other venues. Put briefly: We generate energy, we gain energy and we use our energy on what means most to us. And everyone is welcome to share the energy. WE NEED YOU TOO As Esbjerg Municipality is experiencing rapid growth, exciting new jobs are constantly advertised.

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07 December 2022
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