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The Editory Collection Hotels is a brand that stands out with hotels that carrie about their visitors, but also provide un unique and contemporary experience and an unique lifestyle. This is the time for community, the time of cooperation, comunication. This is a brand for this age. 

The Editory is settled in 4 principles: Local, Art, Sustentability and Hospitality.


A Collection of Hotels with diferent atmospheres, created to every moment and kind of lifestyle, in which enbrace and breath the local soul. Each hotel and it's elements reflect life and singularity of it's destination. 



Hot jobs

Front Office Assistant (M/F)

Cook & Subchef Cook (M/F)

Waiter/Waitress & Head Waiter/Watress (M/F)

Sales Executive & Group Coordinator (M/F)

Maintenance professional (M/F)

Organisation details
Contact details:

Available on chat:

11:00 - 15:00 (GMT+00:00)   

Event participation(s)

22 November 2023
Participating: Online