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Coalescent Mobile Robotics is an Odense-based, robotics company that designs and builds agile, fast and smooth collaborative robots (Cobots) in order to assist the retail industry to optimize their Click & Collect and Restocking processes. We truly believe that humans and robots can coexist in the workforce thus we offer a unique and innovative robotics solution to automate your internal transportation and logistics.  We are a truly international company with over 10 nationalities where people are the most important factors. We aim to work with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in order to grow together and to create value.


We will be available for chats during the event from 11:00-13:00 and 18:00-20:00.

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DevOps Front End Developer

Who we are

Our company is building fleets of mobile robots to automate transportation of goods within supermarkets. Our robots help the staff with their daily jobs of filling orders, going to shelves to collect products, and bringing them to the final customers. You will have the unique opportunity to work with a skilled cross-functional development team in key company projects such as autonomous navigation in densely populated store areas, fleet management orchestration, and precision driving.  

*** This is a full-time position, to start as soon as possible. Salary and warrants to be negotiated based on experience. *** 

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a mid-level Dev Ops Front End Developer. As our DOFED you will play a key role in designing and building our customer focused dashboards and apps to make our customers life easier. You will also focus on developing the overall infrastructure for automated software testing, building and deployment. 

You’ll have the opportunity to work in many areas, and your key responsibilities will include: 

  • Contributing to the design and implementation of user-facing and internal applications
  • Helping to define and develop the tools and systems we use to build applications
  • Developing interactive UI components for managing data and systems
  • Building with accessibility, compatibility, and performance in mind
  • Design and documentation of systems incorporating customer and team feedback
  • Helping to build the front-end function and skills within the organisation

Must Have

  • Web: Javascript, Typescript, React, Jest, Webpack, experience with common browsers and mobile OS's (Firefox, Chrome, Android, IOS). Knowledge of current security and authentication practices.
  • Network Protocols: TCP, UDP, HTTP/2, MQTT
  • Devops: Linux, Docker, AWS, Continuous Integration, Ansible, Configuration and patch management
  • Personal: Interest in robotics, appreciation for keeping things as simple as possible, delivering working software

Nice to Have

  • C++, Python, ROS2, CMake, design skills, knowledge of functional programming concepts


  • Flexible hours
  • A great international working environment
  • Team-building activities

Please note that the applicant should apply for the position at

Organisation details
Contact details: +4550304561

We will be available for live chats during the event from 11:00-13:00 and 18:00-20:00.

Event participation(s)

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