Welcome to the Dutch/Belgian healthcare system, welcome to Care Force!

Are you a doctor or dentist and looking for a permanent or temporary position as one? The Dutch/Belgian healthcare system offers excellent future perspective, competitive working conditions and employee benefits, as well as gratifying working environment. Car Force has a continuoys supply of interesting and challenging positions available for foreign medical officers, medical specialists and dentists. We offer vacancies in exceptionally well equipped hospitals and dental practises that meet the highest quality standards.

The working conditions in the Netherlands are considerably favourable. For instance, specialists work 45 hours a week, while medical officers have a working week of 36 hours. What is also attractive and therefore worth mentioning is that in the Netherlands tax savings run up to 30%.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or a permanent job, Care Force offers you the personal coaching and support that you need. Especially if you are looking for a permanent job, we are well aware of the kind of big and significant step it must be for you to embark on a journey towards a foreign country and start or pursue your further career there. Therefore, we offer you a step by step and risk free approach.

What you can expect from us:

  • a position suitable to your needs and profile
  • a good and honest contract
  • suitable housing for you and your family
  • training in the Dutch language
  • handling of the required documents that allow you to work and stay in the Netherlands or in Belgium
  • open a Dutch/Belgian bank account
  • advice on tax issues and insurance
  • handle your registration as a medical doctor in the Netherlands or in Belgium
  • objective information on living and working conditions in the Netherlands and Belgium

Our services are completely free of charge.


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Care Force

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