OK, so we are not your typical start-up....sea view.....YES, walking distance to the beach....OF COURSE....wine cellar....oh YES, in-house gym...absolutely and did we mention free drinks, food and a pool table, well that is us! Sound cool right?

We are BrandHero, a technology driven eCommerce company which is on a mission to acquire and digitally roll up top performing Amazon FBA microbrands. What does that all mean, well we shall tell you. We focus on Amazon FBA brands who have a demonstrable track record of profitability, with exceptional customer reviews and a loyal following. We buy these brands and optimise them and make them even more profitable - we did say it was cool!

We are growing rapidly and have aspirations to be a 400-person business in two years, all whilst creating an environment which encourages creativity and innovation whilst ensuring a great balance of quality of life.

We are super passionate about eCommerce and our technology, and a global network gives us a competitive edge - want to be part of our journey, well now is your chance.

We are a business by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

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Stephen Baldock 

Chief People Officer

BrandHero Ltd 

Tel: +351 91075 0224

Email: sjb@brandhero.shop

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UAlg Online Careers Fair 2021
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24 - 25 November 2021
Participating: Online