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Bonne Chance was born in the form of joint stock company in 2011. The members of the company and the promoters of the initiative condense many years of experience in these fields: marketing, creativity, production and distribution in the fashion business , and more specifically in the field of footwear.We normally manage the commercial phase of the companies, along with the commitment considering the type of required/requested intervention. We refer to both the domestic and international market . We can manage according to the posts received :  External Sales Management .  Definition of collection arrangements.  Define sales budgets, not only based on "sales volumes ", but on the " gross operating margin which has to be derived from the sales.  Creation of sales networks . Search for " resellers " in Italy and abroad and their management.  Direct sales in Italy and abroad, drawing directly to our customer list that is formed (in reference to the children's sector ) for over two thousand names . Direct sales that we handle are made on the Italian and international customers of the highest ranking.

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Dottoressa Monia Foresi



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21 - 22 October 2015
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