Bee Engineering, with more than 500 people in Europe, has offices in Portugal, France, Belgium and in the Netherlands.

It was born in 2010, based on the fundamental values of the family and respect for all its collaborators. Bee Engineering focus is in Gamification and Outsourcing in the areas of Software Engineering and Systems Engineering.

In 2013, Bee Engineering made a strong commitment to the creation of a competence center in Information Systems Engineering, based in Portugal, as a result of past collaborations and excellent local technical quality and cutting-edge projects in progress.

In order to offer solutions that enable companies to face the emerging technological and economic challenges, GameLab was created in 2017. It provides the companies with the differentiating power of Gamification and GameDesign techniques.

From our employees we demand only that they give their best, overcome their challenges and find their space to evolve and help Bee Engineering to grow.

The growth of each of our professionals is our commitment and we welcome new team members who share this dedication and core values.


Bee Engineering is an information and communications technology consultancy company that helps organizations find the right tech solution to catalyze growth. Technology is how we innovate and challenge the future. Bee Engineering takes the best practices of engineering and technology into the business world. Born in 2010, in France, the hive is founded on the fundamental values of family and respect for all. Today more than 600 collaborators are innovating in projects of global reach. In 2013, Bee Engineering enters the ICT sector opening a tech competence center based in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2017, Nectar Interactive arrives to gamify digital experiences of brands and their audiences. Today, only in tech projects, we are 200 professionals supporting companies in their digital transformation. Wherever your company is going we will bee there with you.

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