AV Care GmbH was founded in 2008 as a recruitment agency in the field of health and medical care since five years with success in Switzerland and Germany.

We are an international entity providing targeted health care professionals - mainly from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France to Switzerland and Germany through our operation networks in those areas.

The implementation of specialists and managers is one of the most important decisions in our structure. To support our customers and the candidates with success is our daily duty and concern within the operations of the AV Care GmbH.

Company details
Contact details:

Head office:       AV Care GmbH

                            Flurhofstrasse 160

                            9000 St. Gallen



                            Tel:   + 41 (0)71 440 25 22

                            Fax:  + 41 (0)71 455 10 98

                            Email:        info@avcare.ch

                            Web:          www.avcare.ch

Event participation(s)
European Job Days – Porto
Past event
29 - 30 October 2013
Participating: Onsite