We are a human resources consulting company, founded by professionals with solid experience in the business. Our aim is to create a new model of services in the Information Technology and Engineering market.

akapeople’s role is not just to make change happens. Its genetic code combines values and attitudes that grants it a promising and unique personality. 

aka (also known as), because intends to also be known as: excellence above all expectations in overcoming barriers.

people, because it is a people company that are able to find, interpret, attract, select and enhance talent from people to people , by giving them the surname, the identity and the core meaning.


akapeople’s mission

Our mission is to anticipate the right talent to our clients, to know the critical mass of talent that is available on the market and consequently establishing with it a permanent connection through a dynamic, trustworthy and committed interaction that enables to create benefits and advantages for all parts involved.



► to exceed expectations, as mission

► to assume full commitment in achieving company’s goals, as responsibility

► to constantly innovate and grow as a business, as modus operandi

► to be an expert and professional, as differentiation

► to boost people’s work-life balance, as duty

► to constantly provide feedback and follow-up, as point of honour

► to persist in the excellence above all expectations, as goal



In akapeople, all professionals are specialists, focused on achieving the most defiant projects. They are fully committed and aligned with a vision that they take from akapeople’s to outside: “I put myself in other’s shoes above all, before thinking, before deciding, before any implementation.”

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Phone number: (+351) 223 190 645

E-mail: talent@akapeople.pt

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