AgriEuro is Europe’s top online shopping website in the gardening, agricultural and do-it-yourself fields.
Since we don’t mean to bore you with pointless information, we’ve decided to list AgriEuro’s 10 key values for you

1) SELECTION: Our catalogue includes over 8000 different product models.

2) STOCK: All our Items are READY FOR DELIVERY. By contrast, most online shops offer entire catalogues although they don’t have them in stock and customers are usually not aware of this.

3) QUALITY: We only choose top brands, but before that, we check the quality of their service and test their products before selling them.

4) PRICE: Yes, we offer the best prices on the market. We combine our lowest price policy with mass purchases of high volumes from our Suppliers; something no one else in our field does.

5) DESCRIPTIONS: Our product pages contain a vast amount of specifications. Extremely detailed product descriptions and a great number of photos.

6) TRANSPARENCY: Product descriptions on our website reflect the actual product characteristics. We like avoiding exaggerated or misleading presentations. Low-cost products are presented as such in our descriptions. By contrast, the word “professional” is becoming increasingly present on the web regardless of the actual product level.

7) EXPERTISE: Whoever contacts us by phone, e-mail or chat receives expert sales advice. No other online sales operator knows their products like we know ours and no one else is able to provide advice and suggestions to customers like we do.

8) COMMUNICATION: We communicate with our customers throughout the entire sales-purchase process. Our customers receive updates about the payment reception, shipment, parcel tracking and indications on how to accept delivery. Moreover, our customers can access the spare parts sales area on our website and receive guidance on how to access our after-sales services.

9) SPEED: Fast shipping with the best couriers out there.

10) ASSISTANCE: The quality of our assistance services is what really makes us stand out on the web. We have a team of 10 experts who dedicate themselves to after-sales assistance services. We avail of a spare parts stock with over 80.000 references and an efficient repairs workshop where we fix our customers’ products.

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