Acciai Speciali Terni Spa (AST) can boast a long industrial tradition with over 130 years of presence on the market and now ranks among the most important European integrated cycle steel plants. The company’s core business consists of flat rolled stainless steel products, for which AST is the market leader in Italy and one of the top four manufacturers in Europe.

Our core business

In addition to flat rolled steel products, the company produces electro welded stainless tubes, through its Tubificio Division, and forgings made of special steel, among the largest in the world, through its Forging Division.

A global network

Thanks to the ThyssenKrupp international sales network and service desks, AST is close to every Customer in the world. The flat rolled steel products direct distribution, done by Terninox daughter company, completes the wide array of final user oriented services.

Market Leader

Our manufacturing facilities are concentrated in Terni, in an area of over 1,500,000 square metres, and cover the entire manufacturing cycle, from casting to packaging. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the AST plants provide about one million tons of special steel per year. The company employs more than 2,300 people directly and several hundred more workers are involved in services and related industries.

A look into the future

For AST innovation is the key factor to answer the customers’ needs and keep growing. Customized products, innovative solutions, and service quality make Acciai Speciali Terni an excellence recognized around the world.

Environment first!

Sustainable development and caring for the environment are two priorities: AST is at the forefront in promoting circular economy with 20,000 tons reused wastes every year.

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