ABYLSEN is an international engineering consulting group with 2400 employees and a turnover of 180M€ in 2021. Created by a number of entrepreneurs in 2005, the group was born from a common development ambitions across the major European regions and is now located in 42 locations spread over 6 countries (France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and Netherlands).


As a multi-specialist, we are active in 8 main business sectors (Automotive, Aeronautics, Railway, Heavy Industry, Energy, IT/Telecom, Lifesciences, Banking/Finance) and brings our expertise to all our clients on their innovation projects R&D and operational performance.


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Lucrezia BUCCIERI Talent Acquisition Officer +33 (0)6 17 38 48 26 Lucrezia.buccieri@abylsen.com

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15 November 2022
6th Edition
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