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Information for Exhibitors

Welcome to the "International Career & Employers' Days!": a recruitment event organized by EURES ITALY with the partecipation of Universities, national and international training institutions, and company from all Europe.

Partecipating to the "International Career & Employers' Days!" you have the opportunity to:

  • publish your vacancies
  • collect applications and get in touch in one-to-one  chat   with candidates from Italy and all over Europe
  •  promote your company/institution with introductory  videos or Elevator Pitch, leaflets, etc.
  • communicate in real time with the  EURES network
  •  partecipating in a wide range of workshop about labour market, employment and training   interacting via chat in real time
  • receiving assistance, advising and technical support during any step of the event


Taking  part in the event requires only: a pc/tablet/smartphone,  internet connection, webcam, headset/microphone and a valid Skype account  to manage the job interviews. Partecipation is easy!

Registration is open until  7 November. Register now! Partecipation is free of charge

We are looking forward to meet you online!