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Sörmland is located just south of Stockholm. Old beautiful castles and mill towns belong to the landscape's attractions today as well as a fabulous native Swedish nature with lots of nice little lakes, charming crofts and forests filled with mushrooms and blueberries. Sörmland is called "Sweden's garden" for its lovely mansions and rich farmland.

Region Sörmland is a publicly owned and democratically governed organization.

Our main areas of responsibility are health care, dentistry, public transport, culture and regional development, that we provide for the 300 000 citizens in Sörmland.

We have about 9000 employees and most of them work in health care at our 4 hospitals and 19 health care centers.

We offer stimulating, challenging and meaningful jobs with experienced colleagues, good leadership and continuous in-service training.

Side by side of the introduction at your new workplace, we offer an individually tailored Swedish language education at one of our own schools.

Welcome to join our team!

Hot jobs

General and specialised nurses

Specialist doctors 


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Helena Ossmark, +46 155 460846







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