EURES (European Employment Service) is the largest network promoting job mobility between Germany and other European countries.

International EURES cross-border partnerships such as Germany-Netherlands have existed for many years. EURES cross-border partnerships are associations of EURES members and/or EURES partners from at least two neighbouring member states that receive direct financial support from the EU Commission. Other institutions (outside the EURES network) may also participate.

EURES in the border region:…

Comprehensive services are offered within this network.

For workers: support, advice before, during and after the job search, on all aspects of living and working abroad.

For employers: analysis of job offers, organisation of video conferences for interviews, information on the labour market, support in finding applicants.

Eures with its network partners is your organiser of this event.

With strong partners and further service offers, EURES is also the founder of other networks and counselling points such as the SGA's and One Stop Shops.