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Lahti has the best of both worlds: the attractiveness, intimate cosiness and originality of a small town, yet the services, efficiency and logistics of a major city. Lahti is a city of 120,000 residents and a centre for a region of 200,000 people. Residents appreciate their city’s wide range of amenities, convenience, and proximity to the great outdoors. The city is also a home for several higher education institutions.

Lahti Region is easy to reach. The city is located less than an hour from Helsinki Airport by train or car, and an hour from the harbours of Helsinki. And that’s not all: when you get to Lahti, you’ll be surprised how close everything is. No rush hours or sitting in cars for hours. This means you can use your time effectively.

You can find more information about the city and its services on lahti.fi/en.


Lahti TalentHub

Lahti TalentHub is a development project that aims to increase the awareness of the potential and expertise of international talents in the Lahti region. Together with a wide regional network, we:

  • organise events to support the integration and job search of international talents as well as to increase the connectivity with local employers
  • support immigrant entrepreneurship by offering entrepreneurship training
  • encourage employers to utilise the potential and expertise of internatonal talents and offer guidance on international recruitment
  • spread information about local and national iniatives related to international recruitment

You can find more information about Lahti TalentHub as well as our upcoming events and trainings on lahti.fi/talenthub. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook!


Moving to the Lahti Region?

Are you moving to the Lahti region? Regional Integration Service Point ALIPI provides information, guidance and consultation in matters related to immigration: 

  • immigration-related issues (registration, permit matters)
  • information on the rights and obligations of migrants (legislation)
  • advice and information about the authorities and Finnish public services 
  • advice about everyday life (housing, work, social security, education, etc.)
  • other problems of everyday life 

Alipi's services are for immigrants already living in the Lahti region. You may also be entitled to the services if you have a proof indicating that you are moving to the region (such as work contract, rental agreement or university acceptance letter).


Lahti - The European Green Capital 2021

Lahti was chosen as the European Green Capital 2021 (European Green Capital Award, EGCA) as the first city in Finland. The award was a proof of Lahti’s persistent environmental work as Finland’s leading environmental city.

The title is annually granted to one city that is a pioneer in environmental activities, sets an example for other cities, and develops innovative solutions for environmental challenges. Eleven European cities have received the title before Lahti. 

You can find more information about the Green Capital year and the reasons why Lahti was chosen as the European Green Capital on greenlahti.fi/en.

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