We are here to promote ICT, business and administrative jobs at this event. You will find some tips how to find recruiting companies and the vacancies available.

The Finnish ICT industry has an impressive track record of world-changing innovations, including modern mobile messaging, 5G mobile data and the Linux operating system. Currently, Finnish companies are developing technologies for example in 5G, 6G, AI and industrial IoT.

More information at the site of Business Finland: 

If you have any questions you are welcome to chat with EURES advisers on the event day at 11:00 am - 3 pm (CET).  

Available positions at this event: 

The following links to the open positions will be updated each time when a company publishes a new vacancy. Therefore, follow the situation and check the links regularly! 

  • ICT (Computing, Engineering and Science Associate professionals: Computing, Engineering and Science professionals)   
  • Business, Administration (Finance, Sales and Administrative Associate Professionals General managers; Legistlators and senior officials;  Office Staff; Senior Managers, Accounting, Legal, Social Science and Artistic Professionals): 


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Instructions for using the chat room:​ When you want to enter the chat room, it may already be occupied by another jobseeker and you will be placed in the lobby. Please wait until you are invited in. If possible, prepare your questions beforehand and be brief.​

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05 October 2022
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