On this exhibitor stand we offer you advice and useful information on the restaurant and hospitality (HoReCa) as well as leisure and tourism sectors.

Hospitality industry is an increasingly important industry in terms of job creation and the number of people it employs. As importantly, it shapes the image of Finland around the world. The jobs and tax revenue created by the hospitality industry all stay in Finland. 

Hospitality sector as an employer 

  • The hospitality sector in Finland employs over 140 200 professionals all over Finland. 

  • 30 % of the employees working in the hospitality industry are under 26 years of age. 

  • The hospitality industry’s workforce increased by 46 % between 1995 and 2017, while traditional manufacturing industries reduced their workforce. 

Finnish hospitality industry and the national economy 

  • Revenue generated by tourism has amounted to about  €15 billion. 

  • The Finnish hospitality industry accounts for 2.6 % of Finland’s GDP. 

Hospitality industry has a substantial growth potential 

  • The amount of foreign visitors travelling to Finland has more than doubled since 2000. 

  • 8.3 million visitors travelled to Finland in 2017. 

  • Asian tourists represent today the biggest potential for growth 

  • Hospitality industry's growth prospect positive in the long run 

(Source: Hospitality Industry - www.mara.fi


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