Finnwards Oy offers intercultural training services and Finland-specific training for companies and their employees. For private individuals, we offer career and transition coaching, and Finland-specific services. These include coaching, training, and video courses.

We have, for example, a short video course on Finnish employment contracts so that you know what you are doing when you sign on that dotted line! We also offer plenty of free content, such as a frequently updated blog, on Finland and the Finnish labor market. You can subscribe to our blog by visiting our website. That way you'll make sure you understand what's going on and how the market in Finland changes and develops. On our blog site, you can also find English-language ads for open positions in Finland!

Our mission is to help people moving to Finland build a satisfying and successful life here in Finland. We want to make sure that the recruitment of international talent is successful both from the point of view of the recruiting company and of the talent him/herself. We believe that international talent need accurate information about topics that will help them integrate and create their own unique way of living a Finnish life. 

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