The Finnish Immigration Service is a decision-making organisation in matters related to immigration, asylum, refugee status and citizenship and maintains the reception system. The agency implements the Finnish immigration policy and promotes controlled immigration, good administration and human and basic rights.

The Finnish Immigration Service provides specialist and information services in support of political decision-making and for national and international cooperation. The Finnish Immigration Service participates as a specialist in the discussion about immigration.

Tasks of the Finnish Immigration Service:

  • matters related to foreign nationalsʼ entry into Finland, residence in the country, refugee status and citizenship
  • register of foreign nationals
  • produces information for authorities and international organisation


Information about the EU registration and the residence permit application process

To register your right of residence or apply for a residence permit, please check our website and the frequently asked questions below.

If you have any more questions, feel free to join the chat with us on the 5th of October between 13.00 – 15.00 (CET)!

By clicking the YouTube-link picture above, you will find a broadcast about how to apply for residence permit via the fast track service.

More broadcasts you find on Maahanmuuttovirasto - YouTube channel.

1) EU citizens

a. Do I need to apply for a residence permit?

  • No. If you are a citizen of an EU Member State, a Nordic country, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you do not need a  residence permit to stay in Finland. You can stay and work freely in Finland for up to three months. You need to have a valid identity card or passport. However, you need to register your right of residence at the Finnish Immigration Service if you stay in Finland for longer than three months. Read more »

b. I found a job in Finland. Can I start to work immediately? 

  • Yes. Don’t forget to register your right of residence after three months.

c. How can I take my family with me? 

  • Your family members should also register their right of residence if they are EU citizens.  If your family member is not an EU citizen, read more »

d. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom. Should I register my residence or apply for a residence permit?

  • The United Kingdom has left the European Union. The application period for the right of residence under the withdrawal agreement, or the ‘Brexit permit’, ended on 30 September 2021.  After this date, you will need to apply for a residence permit. Read more »


2) Non-EU citizens 

a. Which permit type should I apply for and how to apply?

  • The right permit type depends on the nature of your employment. Read more »
  • You apply for a residence permit from your home country. The whole application process is explained here ».

b. I have completed/will soon complete a degree or my research work in Finland and found a job. Which permit type is right for me? 

c. I have completed/will soon complete a degree or my research work in Finland but I have not found a job yet. What can I do?

d. I have a residence permit card to another Schengen country. Can I start to work in Finland with this permit?

  • In some cases, it is possible to work in Finland with a residence permit granted by another Schengen country or without a residence permit. Read more »

e. How long do I have to wait for a residence permit decision?

f. I have completed a degree outside of the European Union. Will it be approved? 

  • Degrees completed in other countries can be accepted. The original certificate has to be translated into English, Finnish or Swedish by an authorized translator. Read more » 

g. I am a non-EU citizen with a job offer and my spouse is an EU citizen. Which permit should I apply for? 

  • If your spouse lives or is about to move to Finland with you, read more ». If you move to Finland alone, please apply for a residence permit.

h. What is the income requirement?

  • Check the different income requirements here ». For family members, see ».
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Our service advisors will answer your questions in the chat service of the information desk during 13.00-15.00.

Instructions for using the chat room: When you want to enter the chat room, it may already be occupied by another participant and you will be placed in the lobby. Please wait until you are invited in. If possible, prepare your questions beforehand. 

Please note that we are here to advice you, not hiring.

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