The European Information Centre Jacques Delors is a public service established to provide information about the European Union to its citizens in Portugal. As part of the Directorate-General for European Affairs of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the purpose of this Centre is to offer citizens an essential understanding of the values, policies, institutions and programmes of the European Union in order to promote a more active and participatory European citizenship and to improve the fulfilment of opportunities offered by the EU.

The project «Careers in the European Union» helps to strengthen the Portuguese presence in institutions and bodies of the European Union.  Our portal & our team provide information and advice regarding these opportunities.

Hot jobs

The EU institutions and other bodies offer you a vast number of internship and job opportunities.


The most important internship is the Blue Book Traineeship, organized by the Commission. Its application opens twice a year (January and August) for the periods: March-July / October-February. The traineeship is usually for 5 months and it is remunerated: 1 278 EUR / 2020.

There are also other internships for the European Agencies and Bodies: they open through the year, and they are also remunerated according to the standard of living of the country, except for EUROJUST.

There are two types of competitions for selection and recruitment of officials for the European Union Institutions and Bodies: competitions for permanent staff (general career) and competitions for non-permanent staff (temporary staff, contract staff, and specialists). These competititons are organized by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) and they foresee some tests.


Another way of working for the EU Institutions is the recruitment of seconded national experts (SNE). If you have professional experience and high level knowledge, namely in areas where such knowledge is relatively rare, you may apply as SNE.

There are two regimes: the normal regime and the cost-free regime. In the normal regime, the SNE receives the salary from the origin job, a monthly allowance and a per diem paid by the institution of destination.

Under the cost free regime, the SNE receives the salary from the origin job and the institution or body of destination does not bear any costs with the expert.

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