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WELCOME to EURES Veterinary team Arbetsförmedlingen Sweden

The EURES Veterinary team Arbetsförmedlingen Sweden can help you as a veterinarian to find job in Sweden. On this page you will find further information regarding working in Sweden as a veterinarian.

Participating employers

Evidensia Djursjukvård | EURES - European Job Days

Evidensia Sweden is looking for veterinarians in several cities in Sweden and has published their vacancies on the platform. 

We advice you to send your application directly to Evidensia if you are interested. 

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EURES Veterinary team Arbetsförmedlingen Sweden can help you in your process of finding work in Sweden.

Information about working in Sweden as a veterinarian

According to our latest figures there is a need of 350 licensed veterinarians in Sweden. 

In order to work as a veterinarian in Sweden you need to have a veterinary license in your own country. It is preferred that you have experience from the profession as well. In addition you need to apply for a veterinarian license or a temporary provision of working as a veterinarian with JORDBRUKSVERKET in Sweden.  Applying is something that the employer will help you with if an employment in Sweden will take place. 

When coming to work in Sweden as a veterinarian learning the Swedish language is important. Colleagues can often speak English but contacts with customers will be in Swedish. There are several online Swedish lessons that you can start with that can be found on the Web. 

Welcome to Sweden!

EURES Veterinary team Arbetsförmedlingen Sweden


Available for chat: 12:00-13:00 and 16:00-17:10

You are welcome as well to send us an e-mail to vets@arbetsformedlingen.se with your enquires


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