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EURES - Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) is a project funded by the European Commission through the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme, aimed at promoting a high level of quality and sustainable employment, guaranteeing adequate and decent social protection, combating social exclusion and poverty, and improving working conditions.

EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services, launched in 1994 to facilitate the free movement of workers and covering all EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

EURES TMS is aimed at enhancing the match between labour demand and vacancies in all EU member States plus Norway and Iceland, fostering fair and voluntary circulation of workers and addressing labour market mismatch and skills shortage.

The partnership

The project is coordinated by the EURES National Coordination Office Italy - Anpal and implemented in partnership with 13 co-applicants (EURES Bulgaria, EURES Cyprus, EURES France, EURES Portugal, EURES Romania, EURES Spain, EURES The Netherlands, CLL Language Centres - BE, Dian – GR, Eurodesk Italy - IT, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini S.r.l. SB - IT, Città metropolitan Rma Capitale/Capitale Lavoro – IT, Sapienza University of Rome – IT) and 15 associated organisations (EURES Croatia, EURES Malta, Employment regional centre DWUP - PL, Regional centre in Olsztyn - PL, Language Lab - IT, Unioncamere - IT, the regional Employment Agency of Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Province of Trento, Sardinia, and the Lazio, Marche, Piedmont, Puglia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Regions in Italy).

The partnership covers a total of 13 EU Countries represented by EU EURES offices, national and international public and private bodies, language schools, a University, a representative body, a EU network and the EURES Italy network.

Main purpose of the project

EURES TMS consolidate and renew the approach developed by the project partnership in the previous Your first EURES job and Reactivate projects, by enhancing the capacity to attract labour demand and facilitate work based placements, allowing and supporting employers to post vacancies directly on the project platform system, simplifying the process of advertising vacancies, establishing direct links with employers and sectoral associations in different EU Countries, spreading on line recruitment systems, attracting SMEs willing to recruit from other Member States and serving low skilled or disadvantaged target groups.

The action combines tailor-made recruitment, matching, training and placement services with financial support, addressed to EU jobseekers finding a job, an apprenticeship or a traineeship in another EU country and employers interested to find candidates for their organisation.

Beneficiaries of services and benefits


  • aged at least 18 y.o.,
  • nationals of any of the EU Member States and the EFTA/EEA countries in accordance with the EEA agreement (Iceland and Norway),
  • or legally resident in an EU Member State, Iceland or Norway.


  • businesses or other organisations legally established in the EU Member States or the EFTA/EEA countries in accordance with the EEA agreement (Iceland and Norway), irrespective of the economic sector, with a particular focus on SMEs.

Measures for candidates

Job interview: consists of a contribution to the travel and accommodation costs (travel insurance included) and daily subsistence allowance (DSA)

Beneficiaries: candidates invited to attend a job interview by an Employer registered in the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS)

Amount: up to 660 €

Target: 1460 candidates (pre-selected for a vacancy)

Language course: consists of a reimbursement for the amount spent on improving candidates language skills (one or more languages officially spoken in candidate destination country).

Beneficiaries: candidates pre-selected by a project Adviser

Amount: up to 2200 €

Target: 1460 candidates (pre-selected for a vacancy)

Recognition of qualification: consists of a flat rate contribution to cover part of costs to face the recognition of candidate(s) qualification(s) or diploma(s) in the destination country.

Beneficiaries: candidates (pre-selected for a vacancy)

Amount: EUR 440 EUR

Target: 290 candidates + 75 family member

Relocation allowance: consists of a contribution to expenses participants may face in moving to the host country (it is a lump-sum depending on the country where candidates move to)

Beneficiaries:       candidates        receiving        an        offer        to        take        a job/traineeship/apprenticeship by an employer registered in EURES TMS Amount: Up to 1.540 € (If candidate moves with family member - consort, partner, child- s/he receives an additional support benefit equal to the Relocation allowance, for one family member)

Target: 2.500 recruited workers/trainees/apprentices

Supplementary Interview/relocation allowance: consists of a contribution to help candidates with any extraordinary expenditures to face the interview or relocation costs.


  • participants with disabilities
  • participants from disadvantaged backgrounds (social/economic condition, temporary economic or social inclusion difficulties, e.g. LT unemployed, YP from welfare/youth care institutions, ethnic minorities, other)
  • participants coming from EU outermost regions
  • participants coming from EU/EEA peripheral Countries

Amount: Up to 1.100 (550 for Interview and/or 550 for Relocation additional costs)

Target: 140 candidates

Subsistence allowance for trainees/apprentices: aims to grant trainees/apprentices a complementary income whenever there is a proven difference between the trainee/apprentice actual remuneration/compensation

(due from the employer) and the average remuneration paid to any worker having equivalent function and level of responsibilities in the hosting country.

Beneficiary: trainees/apprentices placed through the EURES TMS project

Amount: Up to 660 € for a maximum of 6 months

Target: 300 trainees /apprentices

Measures for Employers

Financial support for Integration Programme to recruited candidates: consists of a financial contribution for the training and services offered to the new recruited participant(s) in the project.

The contribution varies according to:

  1. the number of modules foreseen by the programme,
    • basic introduction training consists of a training module including only one learning component, such as job-related training or a language course without administrative or settlement facilitation,
    • comprehensive induction training consists of the provision of at least one training module (e.g. language courses, training visits, mentoring, technical and professional training), combined with administrative support and settlement facilitation.
  2. the Country in which the Employer Organisation is based

Beneficiaries: employers providing a training programme through the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme. This financial support is reserved for SMEs Amount: Up to 2.000 € for each recruited candidate

Target: 680 IP to SMEs (680 mobile workers)

Summary table





aged at least 18 y.o.,

nationals of any of the EU Member States and the EFTA/EEA countries in accordance with the

Job interview

Up to 660 €

Country relocation and family relocation

Up to 1.540 €*2

Language course

Up to 2.200 €

Recognition of diplomas and qualifications

Up to 440 €

EEA agreement (Iceland and Norway),

or legally resident in an EU Member State, Iceland or Norway.

Specific mobility needs (supplementary trip allowance)

Up to 1.100 €

Subsistence allowance only for recruited trainees and apprentices (Traineeship/apprenticeship integration)

Up to 660 €/m

for 6 months


businesses or other organisations legally established in the EU Member States or the EFTA/EEA countries in accordance with the EEA agreement (Iceland and Norway), irrespective of the economic sector, with a particular focus on SMEs.

Financial support for Integration Programme to recruited candidates

Up to 2.000 € for each recruited candidate

How to participate as Employer

The first step to participate in EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) is to register on the Platform. The registration is easy, takes just few minutes and requires only basic information.

One of the project Advisers will contact the Employer as soon as s/he registers, to introduce s/he to the TMS initiative and procedures. We will provide Employer all the support s/he might need to launch job, apprenticeship or traineeship vacancies.

Once the vacancies are defined, the Adviser will select within the CVs present on the project platform the candidates best suited to the employer needs and will send her/him a list of possible candidates. Employer will receive a first selection of candidates and organise on-line or face-to-face interviews.

When Company/Organisation recruits through EURES TMS the Adviser will make sure you access all the available measures and financial benefits.

If the Employer needs a very specific profile or open a high number of vacancies, we can launch a tailored communication campaign to gather the best candidates.

How to participate as Jobseeker

The procedure is very simple: candidates must only register in EURES TMS Platform and fill in their CV. We collect job, traineeship and apprenticeship vacancies from enterprises throughout Europe. We will contact candidates if we have a vacancy adapted to the candidates profile.

Candidates can regularly check in their dashboard if there are vacancies available and apply directly, if interested. They can also contact a project adviser if they find an interesting offer in the EURES portal.


Website: https://euresmobility.anpal.gov.it

Email address: EURES-TMS@anpal.gov.it