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There are many tourism opportunities across the EU, from coastal and mountain destinations to popular cities. The sector supports 25 million jobs directly and indirectly in Europe. It’s the largest employer of young people, migrants, part-time workers and women, at the same time, competitiveness of tourism very much relies on the competencies and skills of its human capital. Moreover, tourism is changing, it’s becoming more complex and requires higher levels of skills. Businesses and the workforce must adapt to new technologies, new market demands and changes in customer behaviour and expectations.

Recent studies have highlighted the weaknesses of the tourism labour market and provided recommendations on how to address skills mismatches. In particular, the studies underline the following:

1) poor image of tourism careers (e.g. seasonality and limited career prospects)
2) key skills gaps (e.g. digital skills, interpersonal skills, communication, etc.)
3) new skills are needed to remain competitive and tackle the new tourist demand (e.g. destination management, adventure tourism, accessible tourism, green tourism)
4) Cross-border and transnational mobility needs to be encouraged more

As employer, you might be interested in learning that tourism benefits from specific support on the European Commission’s side, geared towards employers, along three main axes, namely:

Digital transformation of Eu Tourism, Professional skills improvement, Fairer mobility for seasonal workers



Learn more about the career prospects in tourism:

Learn more about skills profiles needed in the tourism sector. In cooperation with the industry and academia, the Commission has developed the ESCO classification (European Skills/Competences, Occupations and Qualifications) specifically dedicated to:

Are you searching for a job in the tourism sector, browse the exhibitors:

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ITALY: See Work in Italy stand



As far as tourist offices and restaurants are concerned, many of them take part in the seasonal recruitment forums organized annually by Pôle Emploi in the tourist areas (mountain/coastal/tourist cities).

Therefore consult at strategic periods : March/April for the summer season, October for the winter season.

You might have a look at the europeanonlinejobday dedicated to winter seasonal work:

Do not forget to search on:

It is advisable as well to browse :

in addition to the websites of hotel chains that publish their own offers :

more useful websites  are:

In addition to the above-mentioned sites, it is useful to search by profile and region here:

in order to have a list of potential employers in the give area and submit spontaneous applications.

BELGIUM, FLANDERS region (this is the Official VDAB website, where you need to insert the profession title)

You may also search here:


Croatian Employment Service:

  • (available only in Croatian)

Private job portals:

  • Moj posao - category Tourism (HoReCa)
  • - category Tourism and Hospitality

The list of recommended agencies for job search in Croatia is available on the EURES portal: (choose Croatia). (The Croatian National Tourist Board)


The AMS provides the following links online for a jobs in Austria:


The best website for this would probably be this: (Keyword: Service), so it shows all horeca positions currently available , by chosing service sector an English langiage


The most used and most visited web portals in Cyprus for job vacancies





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