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The Healthcare sector is made up of a great variety of structures.

First of all there are clinics and hospitals (public and private): some structures provide a complete health care service (from first aid to long-term hospitalization), while others provide specialized assistance (for example dermatological clinics, institutes for the care of tumors etc.).

Doctors, nurses, and other specialists such as speech therapists and physiotherapists also work in outpatient clinics and nursing homes that offer patients different types of therapies and medical treatments.

Doctors, dentists, psychologists and other health professions can then operate in medical offices, independently or in collaboration with other specialists.

Rehabilitation centers, medical analysis laboratories, centers specialized in radiography, ultrasound and other imaging services, centers that offer nursing and social assistance services, are also looking for health personnel domiciliary.

Finally, professionals experienced in medicine and health treatments can find employment in health consultancy companies, in chemical-pharmaceutical companies, in government bodies, or devote themselves to research and teaching in the academic field.


Jobs in the healthcare sector are growing and employment trends are positive.

Healthcare spending continues to rise, especially due to the lengthening of the average life span.

The demand for personnel for health and social assistance services is therefore growing. The general aging of the population in particular pushes the demand for doctors, nurses and operators to be included in the geriatric field (elderly care).

Another long-term trend is linked to the reduction in the recourse to hospitalization: in fact, more and more often there is a tendency to refer patients to structures that provide outpatient health care, or to prefer home care, increasing the demand for nurses and health assistants for this type of service.

Furthermore, the healthcare sector is also affected by the technological revolution: for example, new tools are developed for diagnosing and monitoring the state of health of patients, to carry out extremely precise surgical operations, to create more and more performing prostheses.

There are therefore good career prospects for doctors and professionals specialized in the frontier fields of medicine, characterized by an increasingly technological approach to health: for example bioengineering or pharmacogenomics.

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