EURES Ireland provides information, advice and recruitment/placement (job matching) services for anyone interested in the European Labour Market.

EURES Ireland services:

  • Information and advice on job searching in Europe
  • Job matching and recruitment assistance
  • Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) / Financial supports

Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS):

Jobseekers/Jobchangers moving to Ireland or another European country to work can apply for financial supports through EURES Ireland.

The allowances for Ireland are:

1.         Interview Reimbursement Allowance for travel and accommodation costs

Between €100-€350 depending on one-way distance travelled to the interview,                

>50Km = €100,                                                         

>250Km = €250                                                             

>500Km = €350

In addition a daily subsistence allowance is also paid for up to a max of 5 days @ €50 per day (€25 per half day)

2.         Relocation Allowance & Family allowance

A partial reimbursement of the costs of travel and initial accommodation expenses when moving to another country for employment. These allowances maybe extended to a spouse/partner and each child who is also relocating with the main applicant, e.g. The Individual rate of €1,120 applies for an applicant moving to Ireland,

3.         Language Training allowance – up to a max of €2,000

The allowances vary depending on the European country you are moving to.

Please note that you must apply before you leave your country of origin/residence.

With improving performance in all sectors of the economy, skills shortages appear across a range of occupations including:


Agriculture & Animal Care Occupations

Business & Financial Occupations

Construction Occupations

Healthcare Occupations

Hospitality Occupations

ICT Occupations

Other Craft Occupations n.e.c.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Occupations

Science & Engineering Occupations

Social & Care Occupations

Transport & Logistics Occupations

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