The aim of EURES is to facilitate the free movement of workers between EU/ EEA countries.
16 Irish EURES Advisers can give you personalised advice and information on job search in Ireland, Irish labour market, living and working conditions and all necessary preparations that will help with your successful move to Ireland.

Why come to Ireland?

Ireland is a small country with big opportunities! Its indigenous software development companies are developing leading edge technologies with a world class reputation. This success is due to a young, highly educated, entrepreneurial workforce who love creativity as much as the ‘craic’ (a particularly Irish form of fun).

Where are jobs available in Ireland?

The modern economy of Ireland is focusing on services and high-tech industries and is dependent on trade, industry and investment. The available jobs are across of a range of occupations including:

•          ICT,

•          Science, (pharma-chem, bio-tech, food & beverages)

•          Engineering (incl. polymer technology, process engineering, tool design)

•          Sales and Customer Service Occupations (especially those with multi-lingual skills)

•          Business & Finance (incl. business analysts, statisticians, accountants, fraud analysts, risk analysts)

•          Transport and Logistics Occupations (especially supply chain managers, foreign language skills)

•          Healthcare

ICT sector in Ireland

ICT is a key growth sector for Ireland and its availability of highly skilled IT professionals has attracted many high profile companies that continue to reinvest.

The central growth scenario forecast is for ICT professionals demand to increase from 68,280 in 2012 to 91,000 in 2018 – @ 5 % compound annual growth rate.

An estimated 44,500 Job openings will arise over the period to 2018 arising from both expansion demand and replacement demand. Enterprises are recruiting both new graduates and experienced staff.

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