Drop’pin is a new project led by the European Commission that aims to help young people and transform their lives. By connecting young people with a range of opportunities to boost their employability and skills across Europe, Drop’pin is the place for young people and organisations to come together for the benefit of all.

Opportunities include apprenticeships, traineeships, training programmes, e-learning courses, language training, mentoring and coaching schemes, as well as various social services (e.g. help with housing) and mobility support. They range from onsite, on-the-job learning to online training courses. They’re also from across the EU and in many sectors.

But Drop'pin is not a job matching site.

For young people, it’s designed to bring those looking to better their knowledge, skills and abilities closer to organisations offering opportunities to improve them, including corporations, SMEs and NGOs.

For organisations, it enables the promotion of youth-oriented opportunities to a ready and willing pool of young people. It also facilitates networking and collaboration across Europe with the aim of forming partnerships to create programmes to improve young people’s employability and develop the hard-to-find skills your business needs.

Whether you’re a young person looking for your first big break or an organisation looking for your stars of the future, register here to begin your journey to better employability. Drop’pin and go far.


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