Do you have questions about working in Lapland? Do you need help to find a job in Lapland? You are not sure what job is the most suitable for you? We are here to help you! Do not hesitate to get in touch.

The aim of Attract Lapland is to give information about the work searching practices for work seekers living in Lapland and Finnish companies, and connect people who are searching for a work and companies who needs staff. The project is helping international people living in Lapland with work finding issues. Our goal in this is the in the middle of this practices and coordinate the process. This project is hold together with the University of Lapland and TE-office. 

Feel free to contact us and get involved. Participating does not require anything from you, but we can possible inform you first about opening working places and introduce you to the companies.

This project is funded by European Union Social Fund and is aimed to job seekers living in Lapland.

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Denisa Souza Jenni Ervasti

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01 September 2022
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