Public Employment Services in Finland and the Åland islands. We provide information, placement and recruitment services to employers and jobseekers whereas the European and National Coordination Offices oversee the organisation of the activities at European and national level respectively.

Åland Islands is an autonomous, demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. It is the island nation that has the most sunshine hours during the summer months in the Nordic region.

Åland have about 29,000 inhabitants living on a 6,787 km² area. With only 19 inhabitants per km².

Everyday life in Åland is peaceful and safe. The society is small but active and lively. Here the sea and nature are always near and the distances between work, childcare and leisure activities are short. Excellent ferry and flight connections make it easy to combine island life with pulsating cities. Ålanders themselves believe that Åland lies at the centre of the world.

Over one third of the population was born outside Åland. Most are from Finland and Sweden, but more and more are moving in from outside the Nordic region. There are migrants from a total of around 100 countries, speaking around 60 different languages.

Current information on job openings can be viewed at (Swedish only).

You can also find information on applying for jobs, the job market and available jobs on the EURES portal. You can contact your nearest EURES Adviser for advice and guidance.

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