Guidelines for Jobseekers

Guidelines for Jobseekers

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  1. Click on “login”
  2. Enter your credentials: Login:
  3. Password:

1.1 Account Management (matching information that will be seen by the employer)

  1. Click on “Profile settings”
  2. Scroll down
  3. Choose your Language skills (the job matching will be done on this item)
  4. Choose your Education fields (the job matching will be done on this item)

1.2 Retrieve the CV from EURES portal

  1. Click on “Profile settings”
  2. Scroll down the page
  3. Insert EURES username and account number to retrieve your CV from the EURES portal

1.3 Change password

  1. Click on “Edit my account”
  2. Enter and confirm your password
  3. Click on save

1.4 Manage jobs I applied for (starting from recommended jobs)

  1. Click on “Recommended jobs ”
  2. Click on the job you want to apply for (example: RESEARCH ASSISTANT, MENA)
  3. Click on “Apply for this jobs”

1.5 Manage jobs I applied for (starting from all jobs browser)

  1. Click on “Jobs” from the top of the page
  2. Fill in searching criteria and click on “Search” on the bottom left of the page
  3. Click on job that interests you
  4. Click on “Apply for this job”

1.6 Manage my events

  1. Click on “Dashboard” to go back to your profile
  2. Click on “My events”
  3. Click on “Register for another event” in order to subscribe to other available events
  4. Select the event you want and click on “Register for this event”

1.7 Express interest for an exhibitor

  2. Select the Exhibitor
  3. Click on the “EXPRESS INTEREST” button

1.8 Manage interviews invitations and agenda

  1. Click on “My job applications” and on “Interviews”
  2. Click on “Accept Invitation” and choose the timing for interviews with exhibitors who invited you
  1. Click on “Timeslots” to schedule your invitations OR click on “Pick interviews time” in “My Panel” box on the left
  2. Click on “Pick your interview time” to modify your timeslot
  3. Click on the timeslot you prefer and then click on “Change interview time” to save your new schedule

1.9 The tool used for the interview is Jipsi (very easy, it’s incorporate to the platform).

During a live event the “CHAT WITH EXHIBITORS” will be on skype (not skype for business)

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