Guidelines for Exhibitors


click to this link  to download the Pdf Guide for Exhibitors

Register and connect profile to an organisation

  1. Click on “Register”
  2. Click on “Create account” in the exhibitor’s box
  3. Complete all information and connect your profile to the organisation you work for
  4. Click on “Create a new account”

2.1 Login with existing credentials

  1. Click on “Login”
  2. Enter your credentials: Login:
  3. Password:

2.2 Create jobs

  1. Click on “Manage my jobs” and then on “Add new job”
  2. Import the vacancy from EURES portal or enter manually all the necessary information below. Go to the job vacancy page and copy the unique job reference from the web address (see the screenshot below). Subsequently, paste it into the field "Job reference" below.
  3. Edit the part which will be used for matching vacancies related to “Job title”, “Occupation field”, “Education level”, “Education field”, “Language skills” and “Required ESCO skills”
  4. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page

2.3 Schedule Time for interviews

  1. Click on “Set interview timeslots” on the left column
  2. Click on “Edit timeslots” under the event you want to schedule
  1. Click once on the timeslot to change it into “ONSITE”
  2. Click twice on the timeslot to change it into “ONLINE”
  3. Click three times on the timeslot to change it again into “N/A”
  4. Click on “Save timeslots” to save your schedule
  1. Click on “Job applications/interviews”
  2. Approve/decline jobseeker request for an interview by clicking on “Decline” or “Invite”

2.4 The online chat/interview sheduled

  1. Click on the left “Job application/interviews”
  2. Scroll down to the scheduled interviews
  3. (The following information can be found only on the scheduled day for the meeting with the Jobseeker) Click on “Start chat” to access Jitsi and start the video call

2.5 The online chat with exhibitors

a. online chat will be managed on SKYPE. In order to participate in one-to-one chats and/or calls during a live online event, you need a valid Skype account (not Skype for Business!). You can provide your Skype ID either when registering an account, or later on when you go to ‘Edit my organisation’ in your Dashboard.

 Once provided, your organisation’s profile will be listed in the ‘CHAT WITH EXHIBITORS’ section during the live event. It is important that you are logged in to your Skype account so that jobseekers can easily reach you (see image below).

For questions, support or further information, please, get in touch with: