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How to participate?

  • register now and upload your CV. If you already have a account from attending previous events, sign in with that account and register for this event under “My events" choose to participate online (from your computer, anywhere in Europe);
  • check the list of exhibitors (companies and countries) that will be participating in the event;
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  • browse through the jobs offer at the event and apply to the ones you are interested in and which really fit your profile. This means that the related exhibitor will be able to consult your CV and maybe invite you for an interview! Please bear in mind that you will only be able to apply / bookmark a job vacancy if you’re registered on the website as a Visitor;
  • you can of course use the more traditional “How to apply” contact data to submit you application directly to the enterprise. Before applying, do your homework: research on the countries and the companies attending, and to which you are applying for, their most relevant projects and recruitment needs;
  • go to your interview at the scheduled time by clicking on the chat button on the corresponding exhibitors page.