Information for Jobseekers

Dear Participant,

Thank you for joining the New Career in Hungary, taking place online on the 20th of November.

In order to get the most of this event, you should:

  • Improve your profile / CV

Pay attention to your language, technical or soft skills, as well as educational fields. You can add your picture and, if you have one, your Skype account ID. If you haven’t done so yet, we strongly advise you to have your CV uploaded in English or have it retrieved from the EURES portal. You can as well add your LinkedIn profile or any online portfolio. 
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  • Apply for jobs & confirm your attendance to interviews

There will be plenty of jobs waiting for you in the platform. Browse through these vacancies and apply as soon as possible to those matching your skills and expectations. Uploading your CV is not enough, the employer can only view your profile/ CV when you apply for their jobs.

Companies may also invite you for one or more online interviews, to take place on the event day.

In case you are pre-selected, you will get a notification by the employer(s) on possible timeslots for the interview, to which you should answer as quickly as possible.

If you have already applied, you might have some invitations pending your confirmation. Please check on a regular basis. 
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  • Prepare for the interview(s)

In order to better prepare, you should thoroughly research available information on the participating companies, their main projects and recruitment needs. Select the companies you want to approach, or who have invited you for an interview, identify the questions you may want to ask and try to anticipate possible questions from the employer.

A cared personal look is important (even if the interview is online) and a good level of English combined with a positive attitude, will prove highly beneficial.

Please make sure, ahead of the day of an online interview, you have access to:

  • PC, laptop, tablet / iPad or another mobile device plus a headset with a microphone and a webcam;
  • a stable internet connection;
  • a Skype account (it will be a major plus).

If you don’t have a Skype account, you can still hold the meeting via the chat system available on the event website. If you have an interview time slot confirmed – just contact your employer at the agreed time via live chat available on the event’s website.

  • Take advantage of the programme

You should also try to take full advantage of the programme and interact via the open chat.

  • If you don't have any pre-set interviews...

On the event day, you can still make exploratory contacts with employers and get advice with info points on different services supporting your job search or mobility project by joining the one-to-one Live Chat.

  • If you're not a EU/EEA or Swiss citizen...

Please bear in mind that, while you may participate in this event and use the platform for job search and meeting employers, you will still have additional legal obligations and administrative procedures to go through to get access to the European labour market.
We advise you to check beforehand for additional information:

You should also be aware that employers may decide not to go through your application, due to the expected length of immigration procedures related to your hiring.

  • Still having some doubts?

Contact us via or for further info, visit the event website (on permanent update).

We look forward to meeting you online on November 20th, and wish you a very successful event!