Information for Exhibitors

Dear Exhibitor,

By now you should already have a username and a password to access the platform. If for some reason you don’t, please get in touch with us so that we can check the situation. You may as well recover your password here, as long as you remember your username or the e-mail you used to register. To make the best out of your participation, you should now:

Improve your company profile

This profile is your public introduction to potential applicants. It should reflect what your main activities and projects are, as well as your organisation’s mission, values and HR policy, ideally in English.

If you haven’t done so yet, it is now time to add your logo, your web and social media accounts – and, if you have one available on YouTube or Vimeo, also add an introductory video (ideally recruitment-focused), in order to make the profile more appealing.

Watch the video

No vacancies published yet?

If you haven’t done this yet, publish them on the platform as soon as possible, if you want to get a number of applications ahead of the event.

Fill in the maximum amount information possible in the fields about languages, education, and skills, in order to better help the jobseekers find your vacancies in their searches.

If participants apply to your vacancies before the event, you can pre-select a few applicants for interviews and better organise your participation on the day – also allowing the jobseekers to better prepare for the interview.

Watch the videos:

(BEWARE THAT... even though the event is aimed at EU/EEA citizens, you will surely get some applications from third country nationals. It is up to you to decide whether to accept or discard them, bearing in mind the international recruitment procedures ongoing in your country).

Go through your applicants & invite them for interviews

Jobseekers interested in your vacancies are applying through the platform. In order to browse their CVs, once logged in, go to Job Applications / Interviews in your dashboard. Click on the jobseeker’s name, go through the profile, check the attached CV or LinkedIn profile. If it matches your requirements, you can invite him/her for an online or onsite interview on September 17th.

You can pre-define your availability for interviews under Set interview timeslots. By default, interview slots last 30 minutes.

The applicants you invite for an interview will then choose the most suitable slot for them, out of those you (still) have available. Your schedule is automatically updated as applicants confirm their attendance.

On the event day, check and download your interview agenda from Applications / Interviews in your dashboard to know who you will be meeting. You can choose to use either Netop (the Chat tool associated with the platform) or Skype (if both you and your candidate have a regular Skype account):

  • if the interview is conducted via the Netop Chat, make sure you’re logged in, available and with the audio and video options on at the scheduled time; wait for the jobseeker’s contact;
  • if it is on Skype, you should contact the jobseeker by clicking on the Skype button in your interview schedule in the platform.

Our Helpdesk will be online all day to help you and candidates with interview management whenever needed.

Watch the video

If you don’t have pre-booked interviews…

On the day, you can also make exploratory one-to-one contact with jobseekers (just like if you were at a stand) by joining the Netop Chat.

Learn how to use it under Access online chat in your Dashboard (once logged in).

You need a specific account for this. By default, we create an account for every participating exhibitor registered for the event – and you should receive an e-mail with your access data and some testing recommendations 3 days before the event at the latest.

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need further assistance.

We look forward to working with you to make your participation a success!