Information for Exhibitors

Thank you for registering to take part in our With EURES to EUROPE! event taking place on 12th of May.


In order to make the best of your participation, we now advise you to: 


  • Improve / update your company profile


This profile is your public introduction to potential applicants, what your main activities and projects are, and should reflect what your organisation expects from them in terms of values and HR policy.

In order to reach out to jobseekers all over Europe, we strongly advise you to add at least a small introduction in English (if this is the company’s working language).

If you haven’t done so yet, you should as well add your logo, your website and social media accounts.

We also recommend you to add an introductory video (if you have one available on Youtube or Vimeo) in order to make the profile more appealing. 

Visitors can choose to continuously apply for the vacancies that are registered on the event page. They can also choose to only participate in the program that is broadcast during the event day and then apply for the vacancies that have been published.

If your organization consists of several departments that want to participate in our job fair, we recommend that each department registers its own account. This way, each department is exposed separately, and it becomes easier to handle applications. In addition, each department receives interview planning tools and chat channels that are their own.


  • Make sure all your vacancies are published well in advance


When drafting the job profiles, pay attention, not only to profile and skills requirements, but also to working conditions offered (including potential supports to relocation and accommodation, and/or others). This info is very important if you want to attract jobseekers.

If jobseekers apply for your vacancies in advance you can pre-select a few for interviews and schedule your event day better. It will also allow candidates to be better prepared when chatting with you on the day.

Please check out our video tutorials to find out how to publish your vacanciespre-select applicants and schedule interviews.


  • Get prepared to conduct job interviews


A new video conferencing tool, Jitsi, has been introduced to the European Job Days Platform in order to make the job interview process for jobseekers and exhibitors more straightforward and user-friendly.

If you have an interview time slot confirmed with a jobseeker, simply go to the „My job applications “ section in your dashboard menu and click on the button "Start video chat" to meet your candidate at the agreed interview time. You will be automatically redirected to a video call where the interview can take place.

more information

You can chat and communicate with jobseekers until 3pm on the day of event, 12th of May. 

  • Still having questions?

If you have any doubts, please contact us: