Join a chat with jobseekers for exhibitors

Recently, the option to use Skype to host chats between exhibitors and jobseekers during live events was discontinued. To make the process of getting in touch with exhibitors and EURES country representatives more straightforward and user-friendly for jobseekers, we have replaced Skype with Jitsi, another chat tool. Jitsi is already used for one-on-one job interviews.

To initiate the Jitsi chat with jobseekers, and for the organisation to be visible under the listing 'Chat with exhibitors' during a live event, they need to simply log into their account and click on a button available in their dashboard. In the next step, the organisation will be automatically redirected to the Jitsi interface where they can manage their chats with interested jobseekers.

  • Now, the organisation can communicate using instant messaging (the 'chat' option). They can also connect with jobseekers in audio and/or video mode. For this, buttons at the bottom of the screen can be used to switch between the different modes.
  • Before the organisation can be reached through the chat, all jobseekers will be placed in a lobby so that the organisation is in control of who can join their chat session. 
  • If the organisation would like to see who is waiting to join their chat, they can view a full list by clicking on the 'Participants' button.
  • The new chat is based on real-time user availability, which means that if the organisation temporarily closes the chat window or decides to leave the chat, the organisation's name will disappear from the 'Chat with exhibitors' listing.

- The full chat history is available only to the first jobseeker who joined the chat. This means that if the organisation decides to invite several jobseekers to their chat session, the next person joining will not see the chat history of the conversation with the previous jobseeker and so on.

The 'chat with jobseekers' feature is not to be confused with the 'one-on-one job interviews' feature.