Information for Jobseekers

Dear participant,

Thank you for participating in our next online event which will take place on 11 October 2022.

In order to make the most of this event, we recommend you to :

Adapt your profile / CV to the French recruiter.

Pay attention to your language skills, technical or not, as well as your fields of study. We strongly advise you to upload your CV in French and English.

Apply for jobs and confirm your attendance at interviews

There are many jobs waiting for you on the platform. Browse through these jobs and apply as soon as possible for those that match your skills and expectations. It is not enough to upload your CV, the employer can only see your profile/CV when you apply for their jobs.

To help you prepare your CV, we advise you to consult the following link :

Companies can also invite you to one or more online interviews, which will take place on the day of the event.

If you are shortlisted, you will receive a notification from the employer(s) about possible interview slots, to which you should respond as soon as possible.

If you have already applied, you may have invitations awaiting confirmation. Please check regularly.

To prepare for the interview(s)

In order to be better prepared, you should carry out a thorough research of the information available on the page of the participating employers, their main projects and their recruitment needs. Select the companies you wish to approach or who have invited you for an interview, identify the questions you wish to ask and try to anticipate the employer's possible questions.

A professional appearance is important, and a positive attitude will be very helpful.

Please ensure that, before the day of the online interview, you have access to:

  • a PC, laptop, tablet/iPad or other mobile device, as well as a headset with a microphone and a webcam ;
  • a stable internet connection ;

If you have confirmed an interview slot, the employer will contact you at the agreed time.

On the day of the event you can talk to employers and information points about job opportunities and other related issues.

If you are not a citizen of the EU/EEA or Switzerland

Please keep in mind that, although you can participate in this event and use the platform for job searching and meeting employers, you will have to comply with additional legal obligations and administrative procedures to access the European labour market.

We advise you to find out in advance for further information :

  • the basic principles of access to the European labour market for individual third-country nationals
  • the European immigration portal

You should also be aware that employers may decide not to proceed with your application due to the expected length of immigration procedures related to your employment.

We look forward to meeting you online on 11 October, and wish you good luck in your job search !