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Let us introduce ourselves

The technical sector moves fast and changes constantly. That raises questions. How can you keep up as a company? How many directions can a technical career take? What our clients and candidates need is someone who understands these questions. Meet Xelvin, specialists in technical recruitment.

We have specialist knowledge

That’s our strength. Our specialist knowledge is the foundation of the way we work. We think with you and for you. We dare to take action. You can see it in our team. They’re enthusiastic, entrepreneurial minds, who aren’t afraid to get stuck in. This combination of professional knowledge and drive makes us much more than a simple contract maker. We’re here to bounce ideas off and give you honest advice.


Realising your ambitions, that’s what it’s all about

Helping people get the best out of themselves or their company. We believe getting to know people well is the best way to do that. That’s why we go further than making a good match between a client and a candidate. For us, a career is more than a job with a good salary. We help with everything and we stay involved in the development of clients and candidates.


The specialist for technical specialists

We see the bigger picture. How the market is developing, what our client needs, and what the candidate wants. To help specialists you need to know what you are talking about. That makes Xelvin the specialist for technical specialists.


Our support team

We know changing your home and career is a big step. Between our recruitment consultants experts, we have successfully relocated many internationals. We will make sure your decision will be a beneficiary step for you. Our dedicated Xelvin consultants are ready to help you with every step of your journey to a new career and home.


What can you expect from Xelvin?

Xelvin will support you during the interview process. The first interviews with our clients are always done via phone or Skype. The second interviews are often also done remotely.


Xelvin contract advice

Xelvin will give you personal advice when you get offered a contract. We can show you an overview of the average cost of living in the Netherlands so you can balance that with the salary and benefits you could receive. We’ll also include information and explanation about the confusing 30% tax benefit ruling, our health insurance and pension plan. The more information you have, the better you’ll be prepared for your new chapter working abroad. We’ll clearly explain your employment conditions and to fully understand your contract’s total value, you will receive a detailed overview of the expected gross and net income.

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Contact details:

Markus Schmidt

Managing Consultant

T: 043 204 1017 

M: 06-83559045



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