The Danish job market is booming and many sectors are facing skills shortages. Therefore, there are many sectors with good job opportunities one of them is Engineering.

Denmark is home to world-class R&D companies in several industries, with a particular focus on renewable energy.

More than 40 years of ambitious energy policies have helped put Denmark in the forefront of "cleantech", and the country has a goal of being completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. 

We are constantly looking for new, innovative solutions for making Denmark even greener. For this to happen, Danish companies within this sector are always on the lookout for highly qualified employees. So, if you are into green energy, take a look at the video below and get inspired by the ambitious cleantech business in Denmark.

Denmark also has a strong and proud tradition of large construction projects. We are a land of islands, separated by seas, and therefore we have always had a need to improve our infrastructure to remain a united country and to keep our alliances across borders.

Right now, the construction of two larger bridges are taking shape in Denmark. The Fehmarn bridge will connect the island of Lolland in Denmark with Fehmarn in Germany. And the Storstrøm Bridge will connect Zealand with Falster and become Denmark’s third longest bridge. Both projects require a large number of highly qualified employees – both within engineering and other skills.

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