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Secon Construction Services is Ireland’s leading expert contractor specialising in industrial and commercial insulation.  By working closely with our clients from the earliest design stages through to the final implementation, Secon Construction Services is able to provide cost-effective, energy-efficient, and innovative industrial insulation solutions, installed to the highest standards in the industry. 

Since the company began operating in early 2010, Secon Construction has rapidly expanded in size, operational ability and resources.  

We specialise in process and utility pipe insulation in many industry sectors such as:


·         Pharmaceutical

·         BioPharma 

·         Food and Beverage

·         Refrigeration

·         Oil and Gas

·         Medical Devices

·         Power Generation and Utilities

·         Chemical

·         Data Centres

·         Hospitals

·         Manufacturing facilities

·         Power Generation



The company has earned a reputation for achieving the highest standards of safety at work, service, and quality of workmanship.  From small-scale contracts and maintenance to large long-term projects, Secon Construction Services Ltd strives to work with our clients so that we can fulfill their requirements to the highest standard, on time, and within budget.


Secon Construction Services have gained a reputation for providing competitive, comprehensive, and reliable thermal insulation service to both the commercial and industrial markets.

Using our industry experience and knowledge of thermal insulation products, we are able to advise our clients on the most suitable thermal insulation for a wide range of applications.

We also design and manufacture bespoke industrial and commercial components which are manufactured to suit the clients’ requirements.


Insulation Industrial & Commercial insulation is a specialized field that encompasses a huge range of requirements ranging from small bore tubing, large bore pipework up to 2 diameter, skids, HVAC ductwork to vessels. It generally involves the use of insulation materials such as mineral or rock fibres, elastomeric, cellular glass, phenolic and ceramic-type products to mention but a few. These may be used in conjunction with vapor barriers, flame retardants, specialised joint sealers, and adhesives.

Cladding  Vessel, ductwork, and pipework cladding utilises a wide range of specified coverings.  With our own fabrication facilities in Cork City along with a crew of highly skilled craftsmen, Secon Construction Services can ensure quality produce and quick turnaround times from workshop floor to site.  Cladding products are engineered with Safety, Performance, Durability and Sustainability.

Firestopping The Building Control Act 2007 and Building Control Regulations 1997 – 2015 require certain elements of structures to have fire resistance for a specified minimum period of time. The fire protection division offers an extensive range of boards, penetration seals, glazing, and spray products designed to provide systems to meet the requirements of today’s projects.

Specialist We are specialists in the installation of

  • TECHLITE® is a state-of-the-art, flexible foam produced from melamine resin, suitable for pipe insulation within cleanroom space areas and general insulating needs.
  • ISOGENOPAK® is a special rigid PVC film for jacketing of insulated pipes
  • Ceel-Co (Zeston)​
  • T-Tubes® are an advanced pipe insulation system specifically developed for process lines and equipment in cleanroom environments. They require no jacketing and have a temperature range of -112°F to 320°F (-80°C to 160°C).

Bespoke Jacket and Blanket Systems We offer a bespoke removable jacket or blanket system.

Bespoke removable jackets are used for a number of applications such as :

  • Boiler House
  • Air Handling Units
  • Plant Rooms
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Vessels

 All of our insulation jackets are tailor-made to meet any specific requirements and can effectively operate between -60°c to +250°c. 

Our specific range includes thermal, acoustic and winterization options.

Benefits of Bespoke Design

  • Ensure close and snug fitting around pumps, valves, heat exchangers, flanges, and vessels.
  • Removable for repair and maintenance requirements.
  • Cost and Time effective – easy access to remove and refit.


Bespoke Fabrication   Bespoke service for the purpose of manufacture of customized metal encasements to protect original pipe installations. Our sheet metal workers have extensive experience in fabrication.



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